New Products

MPO Multifunction Connector & Exchanger Tool Set

The New MPO Connector That Allows for Fast Gender & Polarity Changes. This new set includes two tools that work in harmony to assist with the gender and polarity change of the MPO Multifunction Connector (with reinforced pull boot). The Storage Tray keeps the pins safely stored.

Internal Shutter Cluster Adapters – MPO & LC

Only from Suncall
MPO Internal Shutter Cluster Adapters, 4-Port & 6-Port Models. With a height of 9.4mm these MPO Cluster Adapters are a perfect fit for high-density packaging. The internal shutters allow for front-of-rack usage plus require less plugs during shipping which helps reduce environmental waste.

Suncall MPO Clusters interchangable with Suncall LC Clusters:
– MPO 6-Port Clusters interchange with 12-port LC Clusters
– MPO 4-Port Clusters interchange with LC 8-Port Clusters

MPO 16F Internal Shutter Adapters

Front-of-rack usage with the standard off-set key design. Our award-winning internal shutter design is now available with the off-set key position in simplex and duplex models. The SC footprint makes it easy to interchange with LC and SC configurations.

MPO Pull Boot Connectors

Reinforced boot for quick push-pull connect/disconnect. Designed for high-density panels, the MPO Pull boot connector requires no tab allowing for a cleaner more organized panel. Color coordinate areas with our variety of housing colors. Bring more fibers to your panel easily and combine this connector with our award winning MPO internal shutter adapters.

MPO Internal Shutter Adapters

An award-winning design. Our unique internal shutter adapters can bring more fibers to your panels faster. The SC footprint makes it interchangeable with current LC and SC configurations. Designed for high-density packaging, the snap-in side spring makes installs quick and easy. Available in simplex and duplex models.