New Products

LC Pull Uniboot Connectors

Just Grab It by the Boot. The reinforced boot allows for quick insertion and removal – no tab or tools required. Designed specifically for HD packaging and ease of use in the field. New polarity change happens within the boot to prevent exposure to outside elements.

Now available in 1.6mm cable size.

Updated LC Push-Pull Uniboot Connectors v4

Precision grip. An improved design with a precise grip allows for easy extraction in HD packaging. A simple Click & Flip polarity change, no jig required. Organize your panels with the various color options available.

LC Uniboot Connector V5

Sturdy design built for FTTA applications. Designed with a metal stop ring and crimp sleeve, this new 5.0mm LC Uniboot has the retention force needed for FTTA application. This rugged design is also offered in a 2.0mm model.

Updated LC Internal Shutter Slimpack Adapters

Ready for HD Packaging. The updated LC adapters have a height of 9.4mm and internal shutters for protection from lasers and dust/debris. Available in Duplex, Quad and Cluster models with a variety of colors for organizing panels.