LC Internal Shutter Slimpack Adapters – Duplex & Quad

Save panel space with the LC Internal Shutter Adapter. It has been updated with a new trimmer and compact footprint. The reduced height of 9.4mm allows for high-density packaging and the choice of side or vertical spring latches provides custom installation options. The internal shutters provide maximum protection from lasers, dust, and other debris while protecting the ferrule.


  • 9.4mm height for high-density packaging
  • Quick & easy mounting
  • 2 spring latch designs available


Application Mode: SM, MM, APC

Insertion Loss: 0.2dB or lower

Return Loss: 55dB or more UPC, 65dB or more APC

– IEC-61754-20, TIA 604-10A-2002 Standard Type LC


Technical Drawing

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