MPO 12F Pull Boot Connector

The newly developed push-pull boot design provides easy connect and disconnect during high-density mountings, no tabs required. Save space with the trim design and improve cable management with the variety of housing colors available. This sturdy design is available in 3.0mm.


  • Designed specifically for high-density packaging
  • Easy connect and disconnect
  • Reinforced pull boot eliminates the need for a tab
  • Now available in a Short Pull Boot


Fiber Type: 12 Fibers, 24 Fibers

Application Mode: SM, MM, Low Loss SM, Low Loss MM

Insertion Loss: SL 0.35dB/SM 0.7dB/ML 0.35dB/MM 0.6dB

Return Loss: SL 60dB (8°polish)/SM 60dB (8°polish)/ ML 20dB (flat polish/MM 20dB (flat polish)

– IEC-61754-7 and TIA-604-5-D



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