MPO Internal Shutter Cluster Adapters

Exclusively from Suncall – MPO 12F Internal Shutter Cluster Adapters. We have integrated our award-winning design into the new 4- and 6-port cluster models. The internal shutters provide protection from lasers, dust and debris while protecting the ferrule.

Both adapter sizes interchange with one of our LC cluster adapters respectively. Bringing more fibers to your panels has just gotten easier.


  • Quick VFL detection
  • 9.4 mm height for high-density packaging
  • The 6-Port MPO Cluster interchangeable with Suncall LC 12-port clusters
  • The 4-Port MPO Cluster interchangeable with Suncall LC 8-port clusters


Fiber Type: 12 Fibers, 24 Fibers

Application Mode: SM, MM, Low Loss SM, Low Loss MM, APC

Insertion Loss: SL 0.35dB/SM 0.7dB/ML 0.35dB/MM 0.6dB

Return Loss: SL 60dB (8°polish)/SM 60dB (8°polish)/ ML 20dB (flat polish/MM 20dB (flat polish)

– IEC-61754-7 MPO and TIA-604-5 Type MPO


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