SC Simplex Internal Shutter Adapter

The New Suncall America SC Internal Shutter Adapters are used for single, multi-mode, or APC applications. The internal shutters provide maximum protection from lasers, dust and other debris while protecting the ferrule. The snap-in side spring latch provides quick and secure installation.


  • Simplex style
  • No dust cap required for front receptacle
  • Available in a variety of colors


Fiber Type: SM (9/125), MM (50/125, 62.5/125)

Application Mode: SM, MM, APC

Insertion Loss: 0.3dB or lower

Return Loss: 55dB or more UPC, 65dB or more APC

– IEC-61754-4

Technical Drawing

More Features

Internal Shutters automatically open as a connector is inserted while safely protecting against laser exposure and never touches the delicate ferrule.

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