Save Space, Protect & Customize
with LC Internal Shutter Slimpack Adapters

Fast and stable optical interconnects are in high demand. Our line of LC Internal Shutter Slimpack Adapters can provide many benefits including space saving designs, protection from dust/debris/lasers, plus multiple options to customize your order.

Save panel space with the LC Internal Shutter Slimpack Adapters. Our Duplex and Quad style adapters have an SC footprint with a trim 9.4 mm height for easy panel integration. Our Cluster versions are available in 6-, 8-, 12-core models, providing stability and compact design with a height of 9.6 mm. All models incorporate our unique internal shutters providing protection from laser exposure, dust and debris while protecting the ferrule. Customize the adapters with spring options and a wide array of color options.

Benefits and Features of Internal Shutters:

– Quick VFL detection

– Protects from laser exposure, dust & debris

– Uniquely designed shutters never touch the ferrule

– Reduces waste (no dust caps required on front)

– Shutters available in white or translucent

Features of Duplex & Quad Models

– SM, MM and APC

– SC Footprint, with a height of 9.4 mm

– 2 Spring latch design options

– Available in 12 color options

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Features of Cluster Models

– SM, MM and APC

– 9.6 mm height for HD packaging

– 6-, 8-, 12-core models

– Available in 12 color options

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