LC Uniboot Connector V5

Built for FTTA, the durable construction of the LC Uniboot Connector v5 has a strong retention force with a metal-to-metal crimp design. It also offers an easy CLICK & FLIP polarity change, making it a top choice for field use.

– Designed for stronger cable retention forces needed in FTTA applications
– CLICK & FLIP polarity change requires no jig/tools
– Eliminates fiber exposure during polarity change process
– Available in a variety of colors



Fiber Type: SM (9/125), MM (50/125, 62.5/125)

Application Mode: SM, MM, APC

Insertion Loss: 0.3dB or lower

Return Loss: 55dB or more UPC, 65dB or more APC

– IEC-61754-20, IEC-61755-3-1 and TIA-604-10A-2002 Standard-Type LC


Technical Drawing

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