CleanClicker™ Cassette Cleaners

Suncall America is now an official distributor of Sticklers™ Cleaning Products. Whether it’s a new installation, repair or a maintenance check keep all connections clean and performing at top speeds with Sticklers products.

CleanClicker™ Cassette Cleaners for Fiber Optics – MPO & MT Cassettes

The CleanClicker Cassette Cleaner cleans SC, LC Duplex, ST, FC, E2000, female (no guide pins) MPO cable assemblies and the MT version cleans male (with guide pins) MT ferrules. It can be used on glass, ceramic and composite ferrule faces. It’s ideal for OSP and premises applications, enterprise applications, field installations, OEM assembly and in research labs.

  • Cleans mutiple end-faces before advancing the wipe, saving 50% to 80%
  • Micro-woven cleaning ribbon traps dust, dirt, oil and grease
  • Non-refillable tools have 400+ cleanings per tool (approx. 12.5 meters or 40 feet)
  • Translucent housing makes it easy to see the remaining quantity of cleaning ribbon
  • Ribbon advances without bunching up
  • In Part Number MCC-CCWMT, the backing in the cleaning window is cut to accept the guide pins so the fiber array is being wiped effectively by the cleaning ribbon

CleanClicker Cassette Cleaners for Fiber Optics – MPO Cassette:
Part Number: MCC-CCWRC

CleanClicker Cassette Cleaners for Fiber Optics – MT Cassette:
Part Number: MCC-CCWMT