CleanClicker™ 600

Suncall America is now an official distributor of Sticklers™ Cleaning Products. Whether it’s a new installation, repair or a maintenance check keep all connections clean and performing at top speeds with Sticklers products.

CleanClicker™ 600 MPO Connector Cleaner & MPO Adapter Set

This unique MPO cleaning tool is ideal for high-density network applications such as in data centers, telco central offices and cable TV head ends.

  • ‘Keyless’ cleaning tip allows up or down insertion
  • 600+ cleanings in each tool
  • Cleans both male and female MPO connectors
  • Translucent plastic housing shows the tech how much cleaning ribbon remains
  • The MPO connector cleaner adapter set allows the Connector Cleaner to work on hardened connectors. These include the Commscope HMFOC and the Corning Optitp. Each adapter is keyed for one way insertion and perfect alignment.

CleanClicker 600 MPO Connector Cleaner:
Part Number: MCC-CCMPO

MPO Adapter Set:
Part Number: MCC-CCMPO-A