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Suncall America provides advanced fiber optic connectors, adapters and accessories customized for any application. We’re focused on working directly with our customers to design, develop and manufacture innovative fiber optic solutions built to exact specifications.


Introducing the Suncall America Internal Shutter Adapter Series

To protect against dust and contaminates, Suncall America has designed and developed IS Adapters for LC, MPO, and SC series.

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Be our honored guest at OFC by clicking the OFC ad, then stop by our booth to see our new exciting products including:
– MPO Multi-Function Connector
– MPO Internal Shutter Adapters
– SC Internal Shutter Adapters
– LC Slimpack Internal Shutter Cluster Adapters
– And more!

See you in San Diego!

LC 5.0 ConnectorLearn More


LC uniboot for wireless application

The New 5.0mm connector –

dependable retention force

plus easy polarity reversal

Learn More


LC IS Slimpack Adapters

Reduced height for

for HD packaging with

internal shutter protection.

SC Internal Shutter Adapter


SC Internal Shutter (IS) Adapters

Protecting SC connections

from dust and debris.

Learn More
Learn More


MPO IS Adapters for Front Rack Usage

The MPO reliability just moved to the

front of the rack. Providing protection from lasers,

dust, and debris – in simplex & duplex styles.

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