LC Push-Pull Uniboot Connectors

The LC Push-Pull Uniboot Connector by Suncall America combines a simple installation and removal process with space utilization efficiency. The compact design and easy, no-jig polarity reversible function of the LC Push-Pull Connector makes managing cable systems simpler, while the seamless latching mechanism ensures a stable connection.


Fiber Type:
SM (9/125),
MM (50/125, 62.5/125)
Application Mode:
Insertion Loss:
0.3dB or lower
Return Loss:
55dB or lower UPC;
65dB or lower APC
GR-326-CORE Compliant
IEC 61754-20
EU Regulations:
RoHS, REACH Compliant
Flammability Grade:
UL 94V-0
Technical Drawing

Polarity Reversible Steps

Watch the animation on reversing the polarity, or follow the easy 4-step process below.

Step 1: Unlock the latch from the back by finger

Step 2: Extract the latch from Uniboot

Step 3: Rotate the connector body 180˚

Step 4: Reposition latch, push the latch back and lock it

Polarity Reversible Steps
Polarity Reversible Steps
Polarity Reversible Steps
Polarity Reversible Steps

Product Number Table

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Product Number Table

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