MPO Internal Shutter Adapters

The award-winning MPO Internal Shutter (IS) Adapter with SC footprint easily interchanges with LC and SC adapters without changing your current rack configuration. They are available in Simplex and Duplex styles.

  • Internal shutters provide quick VFL detection
  • Interchangeable with LC & SC adapters
  • Simplex and Duplex styles
  • Available in a variety of housing colors
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Integrating MPO into current panels just got easier.

Suncall MPO Simplex and Duplex Internal Shutter Adapters have an SC footprint, making changing panels easy. The MPO Push-Pull Boot Connectors provide precise gripping needed with HD packaging.

Bring more fibers to your panels with our new MPO products.

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NEW: MPO Push-Pull Boot Connector

The newly developed push-pull boot design provides easy connect and disconnect during high-density mountings, no tabs required. Save space and improve cable management with the new MPO Push-Pull Boot Connector.

  • Designed specifically for high-density packaging
  • Easy connect and disconnect
  • Improves cable management
  • Reinforced push-pull boot eliminates the need for a tab
  • Available in 2.0mm and 3.0mm
  • Available in a variety of housing colors
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MPO HD Adapters and Connectors


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