LC 5.0mm Uniboot Connectors for FTTA Applications

Suncall America now offers a sturdy 5.0 mm LC Uniboot Connector to provide the retention force needed for FTTA (Fiber to the Antenna) application. The new 5.0mm Uniboot Connector has a metal stop ring and metal crimp sleeve to securely lock the Kevlar in place for a secure retention force. The Uniboot also features a simple Click & Flip polarity reversal with no jig required. This allows for quicker installs and without exposing fibers or twisting the fibers. The Push-Pull version will be released later this year.

Click & Flip Polarity Change Process

LC Polarity Change
LC 5.0mm Connector
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Discover how the new 5.0mm Connector can help streamline your tower installations.

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