The advanced MPO Series offers a high-performance fiber optic connectivity solution. These multi-fiber connectors and adapters are modeled for high-density packaging and circuit board applications found in data and telecom systems. Our MPO Series includes connectors and versatile adapters which include the new internal shutter adapters, key-switchable, and simplex adapters.

Suncall MPO Connectors and Adapters are customizable with various options. See the interactive tables below each division and discover the possibilities.


Fiber Type: 12 fibers, 24 fibers
Application Mode: SM, MM, Low Loss SM, Low Loss MM, APC
Insertion Loss: SL 0.35dB/SM 0.7dB/ML 0.35dB/MM 0.6dB
Return Loss: SL -65dB (8°polish)/SM -65dB (8°polish)/ ML -25dB/MM -25dB
IEC: IEC 61754-7

NEW - MPO Push-Pull Boot Connectors

The newly developed push-pull boot design provides easy connect and disconnect during high-density mountings, no tabs required. Save space and improve cable management with the new MPO Push-Pull Boot Connector.


  • Designed specifically for high-density packaging
  • Easy connect and disconnect
  • Improves cable management
  • Reinforced push-pull boot eliminates the need for a tab
  • Available in 2.0mm and 3.0mm
  • Available in a variety of housing colors
  • Built to MPO standards: IEC-61754-7 & TIA-604-5-D

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MPO Push-Pull Connectors

MPO Connectors

MPO Connectors provide the exceptional performance and dependability required for the industry’s most demanding high-speed systems and networks. Designed with the familiar push-pull operation for easy insertion and removal, our MPO Connectors are built to deliver lower insertion loss—with various boot-type options available. Customize your connector with a variety of options including: boot-type, ferrule type, housing colors, and more.

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MPO Connectors - Customizable Features

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MPO Adapters

MPO Internal Shutter (IS) Adapters
The new MPO Internal Shutter Adapters combine the original design and size with the benefits of internal shutters. Designed for front of rack usage, the internal shutters provide protection from lasers, dust, and other debris while protecting the ferrule.

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MPO Internal Shutter Adapter

MPO Key Switchable Adapters are designed to ensure proper connector orientation and provide reliable connection and performance. Installing this unique adapter allows users to change the adapter interface for key up or key down as needed. MPO Key Switchable Adapters are the user-friendly field solution that virtually eliminates the need for hybrid cable assemblies.

MPO Adapter
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MPO Simplex Adapters
The compact design of our MPO Simplex Adapters allow for single, multi-mode or APC applications, with multiple options and styles available. MPO Simplex Adapters are fully compatible with other MPO Type assemblies, and designed for high-density packaging. Available in a variety of housing colors plus other options.

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