MU Connectors and Adapters

The Suncall America MU Series connectors and adapters merge the benefits of high-density packaging with the performance of high-optical response. MU Type connectors and adapters are approximately half the size of most SC Type products, while featuring the same push-pull design and 1.25mm OD ceramic ferrules. Compliant with NTT and JIS standards, the MU Type series provides the right combination of design and performance for a wide range of applications.

All MU Connectors and Adapters are customizable with various options. See the interactive tables below each division and discover the possibilities.


Fiber Type: SM (9/125), MM (50/125, 62.5/125)
Application Mode: SM, MM, APC
Insertion Loss: 0.3dB or lower
Return Loss: 55dB or more UPC; 65dB or more APC
IEC: IEC 61754-6

MU Connectors

MU Simplex Connectors
Our MU Simplex Connectors are small form factor (SFF) connectors approximately half the size of the standard SC Simplex Connectors. Perfect for back panel and other high-density applications, our MU Simplex Connectors are available with a zirconia split-sleeve in both pre-assembled and unassembled kits.

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MU Duplex Connectors
Our MU Duplex Connectors are small form factor (SFF) connectors with uni-housing or duplex clip options. The MU Duplex Connectors accommodate a full range of specifications including side-by-side, horizontal, top-bottom, and vertical duplex types. Available with a zirconia split-sleeve in both pre-assembled and unassembled kits.

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MU Connectors – Customizable Features

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MU Series Adapters

Suncall America MU Series Adapters are small form factor (SFF) adapters featuring a 4.5mm optical pitch with phosphor bronze or zirconia split-sleeve style options to ensure high-precision alignment.

MU Simplex Adapters

With a flangeless body design, the MU Simplex Adapters are ideal for high-density mounting. The metal spring latches allow for easy placement into panels.

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MU Duplex Adapter

MU Slimpack Duplex Adapters

Designed for HD mounting applications, the MU Slimpack Duplex Adapters have traditional screw flange for secure mounting. Available in a variety of housing colors.

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MU Duplex Adapters

Designed with metal spring latches for easier mounting and placement, the flangeless body design is ideal for HD packaging.

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